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Sue Lutz, Program Manager

Sue is our Program Manager over the behavioral health program, Military and Family Life Counseling (MFLC) program. Sue is no stranger to the MFLC program, as she started in 2013 as an MFLC, then advanced to Area Supervisor and shortly after that to Regional Manager. Prior to the MFLC Program, Sue supervised clinicians and managed behavioral health programs, to include government, local and private sectors. She also has worked as a Licensed Professional Counselor with individuals, families, couples and students in different domains, such as hospitals, schools, prisons, group homes, private practice and military installations. Sue graduated from Seton Hall University of NJ with an M.Ed in Psychological Studies and an MA in Counseling. Sue continues to maintain her professional counseling licensure in several states. Sue is a therapist at heart and loves connecting and laughing with the people on her team