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About Goldbelt Glacier

Goldbelt Glacier Health Services is a subsidiary of Goldbelt, Incorporated, an Alaska Native Corporation, and a participant in the SBA’s 8(a) program.

Goldbelt Glacier provides robust health and scientific capabilities across a variety of disciplines including, behavioral and mental health, neuroscience, and oncology, through a myriad of services that include scientific and clinical data management, research and policy development, computational and information management, technology, and program management. We take pride in our ability to accelerate the delivery of healthcare and scientific services through ever changing environments and evolving needs of our Customers. At Goldbelt Glacier, our passion drives our commitment to support the Government and its operations, whether supporting service members and their families across the Department of Defense with comprehensive behavioral and mental health services, or Federal Health Agencies and their stakeholders in developing, implementing, and managing scientific initiatives and research programs to improve the health of our nation. Our team is comprised of employees dedicated to ensuring that quality, integrity, and ingenuity solve our clients’ missions.