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What We Do

Development, experimentation, solutions.

Our Services

Behavioral Health & Mental Health

Our portfolio of solutions closes behavioral and mental health gaps that the DoD and Federal agencies face on a continual basis. We leverage subject matter expertise, technology, and evidence-based research to provide case management, patient engagement and outreach services, suicide prevention, wounded warrior transition, family advocacy services, solider resilience, and psychological health services that provide comprehensive holistic solutions to improving behavioral and mental health.

Goldbelt Glacier in Action

Goldbelt Glacier is proud to provide technical and functional support for the Building Healthy Military Communities (BHMC) pilot program, which aims to better understand the unique challenges faced by geographically dispersed service-members and their families that may impact their readiness, resiliency, and well-being.

Medical & Scientific Research

Goldbelt Glacier aims to maximize results and outcomes of scientific and medical research efforts. We fuse innovation, experience, and subject matter expertise to rapidly improve science and technology programs across the DoD and Federal Agencies. We enable well-coordinated and comprehensive solutions that strengthen capabilities, reduce costs, reduce development timelines, and field solutions more quickly. Our capabilities range from clinical testing & analysis, research study design and implementation, product process improvement, analytical method development, and technology transfer strategy and implementation.

Information Management & Technology Development

Goldbelt Glacier implements scientific and technical interchanges to create greater efficiency, effectiveness, and agility by leveraging information management tools and piloting new technological capabilities and approaches.  These include computational modeling, predictive behavioral analysis, and evaluation for suicide prevention and resilience programs. Our services span the lifecycle of system development. In addition, we develop web collaboration portals and databases for communication, and outreach to service members and their families, delivering vital information, awareness campaigns, and resources.

Goldbelt Glacier in Action

Our shared-services, cloud-based, web platform at the National Guard has provided support to over 6,000,000 customers since 2009 with collaboration tools, information, and event planning including family programs, sexual assault prevention and response, transition assistance, psychological health programs, and the Yellow Ribbon Program.

Business Operation Support

We provide a broad range of business operation services for essential mission activities. Our mission is to align our support to the strategic and organizational goals of our customers. We serve as a critical  reach-back  resource to the organizations we support, providing depth of subject matter expertise and consultation to provide continuous support across the lifecycle of performance and beyond. Goldbelt Glacier integrates our services seamlessly within our DoD, Federal, and Civilian agencies allowing a force multiplier to our customer’s capabilities.

Our Business Operation Support Services Include:

  • Training
  • Programmatic management
  • Quality Assurance & Control
  • Policy Development and Enforcement
  • Administration Support
  • Acquisition Services
  • Budget and Accounting Services